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CBSE Syllabus Class 6 to 12 Physics, Chemistry, Computer, Social, Science etc

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NCERT Study Material (NCERT Books , Solutions, Notes, Exemplar Questions, Exemplar Solutions, Syllabus, Previous Year Question Paper etc. )

The NCERT Study Materials used by CBSE students follow the latest syllabus. This collection includes NCERT books, solutions, Exemplar books, notes, etc. This study material is great for students in 1st to 12th grade for completing their curriculum and preparing for their board exams.
By doing this, learners get a better understanding of the course curriculum. Clear your doubts on the subject and build a basic understanding of all the subjects in the course. It also includes the NCERT Exemplar book to extend knowledge a bit.

Quick information about NCERT

NCERT Full Form National Council of Educational Research and Training
Founder Government of India
Establishment Year 1961
Headquarters New Delhi
Director Dr. Hrushikesh Senapaty
Address Sri Aurobindo Marg, Delhi, India
Contact Ph.No: +91-11-26562188



Fax: +91-11-26969419


NCERT books are developed with the help of professionals, teachers, and researchers. Various state boards and CBSE use it to complete curriculums and regulate schools. This book is written in a comprehensible way, so learners can easily understand the concepts. NCERT Books are also one of the most recommended study materials for competitive exams. 
You can get classes 1st to 12th online. Here are the links to download it. You'll be able to access textbooks for any class and subject, not just NCERT Biology, Chemistry, Science, Arts. Download NCERT Books

NCERT Solutions

Students can learn problem solving skills and boost their overall learning with NCERT Solutions. Every subject has its own solutions designed and prepared by the teacher. As a result, it's error-free and helps you understand the subject instantly. Answers to all questions in the subject are included in NCERT's solutions. There's no better way to prepare for board exams than with this program.  Make sure students are confident when they're answering challenging questions. The NCERT Solutions have step-by-step solutions to every exercise in the NCERT textbooks Download NCERT Solutions

NCERT Exemplar Books

NCERT Exemplar Books are longer versions of regular NCERT Textbooks. From 6th to 12th, only math and science are available. NCERT Exemplar Textbooks have some topics that need to be solved after you finish reading them. There's an optional book that the CBSE Board recommends for students. You can only use these questions for practice and to improve your understanding. It's helpful to solve the NCERT exemplar questions because you get to know the basics. This also gives you an idea of what you're going to be asked in the upcoming examination. Download NCERT Exemplar Question

NCERT Exemplar Solutions

Getting an advanced level of knowledge is easy with NCERT Exemplar Solutions. The exemplars are curated by experts in the field, so they're good. Students need the NCERT Exemplar problems and solutions for Mathematics and Science so they can find a detailed but specific and clear answer to each of the questions in the exemplar books for classes 6th to 12th. Students become more adept at handling tough questions when they use the NCERT Exemplar Solutions regularly. In addition to improving their thinking skills, NCERT Exemplar solutions help them write better. Thus, it can be used to help solve questions that require High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). Download NCERT Exemplar Solutions


In order to study effectively, students need NCERT Notes. Due to the fact that learning without revision is hard. Because of the Notes, learners can remember what they've learned for a long time. We're providing NCERT notes for classes 1st-12th. Content was developed by our subject matter experts.Download NCERT Notes

NCERT Study Material (FAQs)

  1. NCERT Study Materials: Who makes them?

    A team of subject experts prepares the NCERT Study Material. You can download it for free from NCERT's official website or NCERTSTUDY. We keep the material up to date so it's accurate and relevant.
  2. What's the best place to download NCERT study materials?

    Study material can also be downloaded from NCERT's regional websites or NCERTSTUDY. Students can also access educational videos related to their studies on NCERT's YouTube channel.
  3. NCERT Notes: What are the benefits?

    NCERT Notes give you an overview of the topics in NCERT textbooks. They explain concepts clearly and concisely and help students better understand them. To help students assess their understanding, they also have practice questions.
  4. Can anyone use NCERT Study Material?

    For competitive exams like the IIT JEE and UPSC, students can use NCERT Study Material. Teachers can use it as a reference to make lesson plans. You can also use the material to help your kids with their homework.
  5. What's the difference between CBSE and NCERT?

    CBSE and NCERT aren't the same. CBSE is a board of education, while NCERT is a government body responsible for providing textbooks and study materials to CBSE schools.