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CBSE - Short Notes

You're at the right place if you're looking for Short Notes, because we provide you the latest Short Notes. Using these Short Notes will surely help you score higher in your exams. These Short Notes are mandatory because they're CBSE-issued and created by subject matter experts.

Why are Short Notes important?

You should always study from authentic material that will help you get higher marks in your exam. Furthermore, authentic content always clears up your doubts and gives you a taste of original content. Because CBSE issues Short Notes every year, it's important to have them ready.

What classes have Short Notes?

We've listed the classes for which CBSE has issued Short Notes based on the data they released. So you can get your class's Short Notes by clicking the link below:

  • Short Notes for 12th Comme
  • Short Notes for 12th Scien
  • Short Notes for 11th Comme
  • Short Notes for 11th Scien
  • Short Notes for 10th
  • Short Notes for 9th
  • Short Notes for 8th
  • Short Notes for 7th
  • Short Notes for 6th
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What's the source of these Short Notes?

    The CBSE has published previous years question papers.

    What's the best place to download previous years question papers?

    NCERTStudy is a reliable source for Short Notes because we keep checking CBSE announcements to make sure we provide you with the latest info.

    Why studying Short Notes is Important?

    The Short Notes are important because they're made by CBSE. This is an authentic source of study material.