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What is NCERT Exemplar Question?

NCERT Exemplar Question Papers are a set of sample question papers prepared by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). They are designed to help students understand the types of questions asked in the NCERT textbooks and to prepare for upcoming exams. These questions are collected from the CBSE board exam papers and are revised and updated every year. They are also aligned with the CBSE syllabus, making them a reliable source of practice questions for students.

Why Students Need to Study NCERT Exemplar Questions?

NCERT Exemplar questions provide a valuable way to practice for CBSE board exams. These questions are designed to challenge students to think critically and analytically about the concepts they have learned. They also help students develop problem-solving skills which are essential for success in the CBSE board exams. These questions also help to build a strong foundation in understanding and application of the concepts. They also help students to develop the ability to analyze and assess a situation, and to think independently.

Few Facts about NCERT Exemplars Questions

  • There's a book called NCERT Exemplar by the NCERT that has additional questions related to the syllabus.
  • Science and Mathematics are the only subjects covered by the NCERT Exemplar book. The NCERT Exemplars are designed so that students can get familiar with advanced concepts.
  • CBSE exam preparation can be made a lot easier with these Exemplar solutions and problems. Before you start solving NCERT Exemplars, you should be familiar with the NCERT book concepts.
  • Advantages of using NCERT Exemplar Questions

    Students get various benefits from solving NCERT Exemplar Problems, here are some of the most notable:

    Different question variations

    From Classes 6 to 12, the exemplar problems offer a wide variety of questions to help students get used to the different types of questions. Then they'll be able to solve any exam question because they've developed problem-solving skills.

    Builds in-depth concepts

    It's important that students understand the basics before they can answer the questions in the exemplar book. Students can analyse their basic knowledge while solving the questions and slowly understand the concepts in depth. In addition to helping the students learn more about the subject matter, advanced-level questions also help them develop a deeper understanding.

    Helps you prepare for board exams and competitions

    Exemplar questions are advanced-level questions that are frequently asked in finals/board exams. The students can develop advanced skills in the respective chapters by solving these exemplar questions and the NCERT textbook questions. This can help students prepare for different competitive exams like JEE, NEET, NTSE, etc., by solving HOTS questions and MCQs easily.

    Exemplar questions from NCERT follow CBSE curriculum

    CBSE curriculum is used to develop NCERT Exemplar questions (updated 2023-2024). There are lots of questions in the CBSE exemplar books for each class (i.e., classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12) to help students learn the advanced concepts. The NCERT textbook questions should be answered first, then the exemplar ones because the exemplar books have more advanced questions.
    You can get more help with CBSE exams at NCERTSTUDY. NCERTStudy also provides students with CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, sample papers, and important preparation tips for exams.

    Frequently Asked Questions about NCERT Exemplar Question

  • Do you think it's a good idea to start solving NCERT exemplars a few weeks before class 10?

    For students who want to do well in their Class 10 board exams, NCERT Exemplars are helpful. The problem can't be solved a few weeks before the class 10 exam. As you are learning NCERT chapters, make sure you do the NCERT Exemplars too. In the Class 10 board exams, NCERT Exemplars have a good collection of questions that will help you score high.
  • Is there a solution to the NCERT textbook in the NCERT exemplar?

    The NCERT textbooks aren't the same as the NCERT Exemplar problems, though both are important for students. In NCERT textbooks, the questions are chapter-wise, intended for students to learn about basic concepts, but in NCERT Exemplars, the questions are tougher. As a result, the NCERT Exemplar doesn't contain solutions to the NCERT textbooks.
  • What's the best way to solve NCERT and NCERT Exemplar?

    Read the NCERT textbooks and answer the textual questions in them to get a handle on the concepts. You can solve the NCERT Exemplar questions once you understand the concepts.
  • Why does NCERT Exemplar Chemistry matter for JEE Mains?

    JEE Mains can be a lot easier with the NCERT Exemplar book. NCERT textbooks and NCERT Exemplars are often directly or indirectly used in Chemistry of JEE Mains.