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We provide NCERT Books for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 for session 2022-23, we have been constantly trying to provide data which is useful for students appearing in 2022-23, So that student can study and focus on you carrier.

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Looking for NCERT Textbooks? or Want to Download NCERT Books of 2022-23 for your class in multiple language, then you are at the perfect place. At we are providing NCERT Text books for 2022-23 for your class.
As you may be aware that NCERT Books are known and proven to be the best for competitive preparation, NCERT Textbooks provide currect and proper explanation of concept. That is the reason that every student prefer to use NCERT Books for their daily study material for educational need as well as preparation.
In the section mentioned below, we have shared NCERT books for 2022-23 for your class in multiple language, just select the class and we will navigate you to your class material which will be helpful for you. Just select the class and enjoy!

Why NCERT Books for 2022-23

NCERT Books are considered to be the best study material for student of class 1 to class 12th. As all the books designed in NCERT are after indepth research and analysis on that particular subject which improves understanding to the student and best study material is served for student. Hence, NCERT Textbooks are designed in a very simple manner keeping the language difficulty as low as possible and solving fundamental concept on each topic. These books are not just backbone of student studying in CBSE board but also helps student who are IIT JEE, NEET, UPSC aspirants because NCERT books are considered best for preparing competitive exams because all study material provided is in simple manner, finding latest NCERT Textbook is the key so here we have provided NCERT Books for Session 2022-23

Free NCERT Books for session 2022-23 PDF Online

Every student studying in CBSE board is required to use the NCERT Books to complete the academics. So every student who want help in their study and prepare for their exams, we are providing the free NCERT Books 2022-23 in PDF format online for all classing which starts from class 1 to class 12 Below is the list of NCERT Textbooks 2022-23 pdf download for free of cost, students can easily download them without any problem

NCERT Books 2022-23 in English Medium for Classes 1 to 12

If a student studies in English medium, he/she should get latest NCERT Books (2022-23) in English language, as it is considered to be ideal for such students who are preparing for examination. These books are prepared based on guidelines provided by CBSE which covers syllabus issued by CBSE.

NCERT Books 2022-23 in Hindi Medium

As mentioned earlier, if a student is studying in English medium should use books written in English language, similarly if a student is studying in Hindi medium shall get his/her books for Hindi Medium

NCERT Books 2022-23 in Urdu Medium

As mentioned earlier, if a student is studying in English/Hindi medium should use books written in English/Hindi language, similarly if a student is studying in Urdu medium shall get his/her books for Urdu Medium

Title: NCERT New Books 2022-23: Your Ultimate Guide to Downloading PDFs and Understanding the Updates

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to NCERT Books
  2. Importance of Updated Books for 2022-23
  3. Subject-Wise Overview of New NCERT Books
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Sciences
    • Languages
  1. Changes and Improvements in the New Editions
  2. Downloading NCERT Books for 2022-23
  3. Tips for Effective Use of NCERT Books
  4. Conclusion

Introduction to NCERT Books:

NCERT, the National Council of Educational Research and Training, plays a pivotal role in shaping the academic landscape of Indian education. Its textbooks are the cornerstone of learning for millions of students across the country.

Importance of Updated Books for 2022-23:

Exploring the significance of updated editions and how they cater to evolving educational needs. This section will underline the reasons why staying abreast of the latest editions is crucial for students.

Subject-Wise Overview of New NCERT Books:


Detailed insights into the changes and improvements in the math textbooks, including new concepts, exercises, and methodologies introduced in the latest editions.


Exploration of how the new science books for different classes offer updated information, experiments, and activities to enhance the learning experience.

Social Sciences:

Discussing the modifications in history, geography, civics, and economics textbooks, highlighting the new perspectives and topics covered in the 2022-23 editions.


A review of the changes in language books, including enhancements in grammar, vocabulary, and literary pieces, aiming to refine language skills.

Changes and Improvements in the New Editions:

A comprehensive analysis of the changes introduced in the latest NCERT books, emphasizing the educational advancements and methodologies incorporated for better comprehension and retention.

Downloading NCERT Books for 2022-23:

Step-by-step guide on how to access and download the PDF versions of the new NCERT books for different classes, ensuring easy access for students, parents, and educators.

Tips for Effective Use of NCERT Books:

Practical tips and strategies on utilizing these books efficiently for effective learning, including study methods, note-taking techniques, and leveraging supplementary resources.


Summarizing the key takeaways from the article and reiterating the importance of embracing the updated NCERT books for a holistic educational journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about NCERT New Books 2022-23

Yes, you can use NCERT books as reference book, as NCERT books are considered best for competitive exam preparation. NCERT Books are also very well known for NEET and other preparation, so if you are looking to make your carrier in any field, NCERT Books will definetly help you in your preparation.

2022-23 is the academic session for which these books will help you and surely you can get them in PDF format for free from our website.

According to Official website of NCERT, The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous organisation set up in 1961 by the Government of India to assist and advise the Central and State Governments on policies and programmes for qualitative improvement in school education. The major objectives of NCERT and its constituent units are to: undertake, promote and coordinate research in areas related to school education; prepare and publish model textbooks, supplementary material, newsletters, journals and develops educational kits, multimedia digital materials, etc. organise pre-service and in-service training of teachers; develop and disseminate innovative educational techniques and practices;collaborate and network with state educational departments, universities, NGOs and other educational institutions; act as a clearing house for ideas and information in matters related to school education; and act as a nodal agency for achieving the goals of Universalisation of Elementary Education. In addition to research, development, training, extension, publication and dissemination activities, NCERT is an implementation agency for bilateral cultural exchange programmes with other countries in the field of school education. The NCERT also interacts and works in collaboration with the international organisations, visiting foreign delegations and offers various training facilities to educational personnel from developing countries.

Yes, these are the latest Book for 2022-23 session.